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Sunday 27 July

All-Ireland Senior Hurling quarter-finals
Limerick 4-26(38) 1-11(14) Wexford, Semple Stadium FT
Dublin 0-16 2-23 Tipperary, Semple Stadium, 4pm FT

All-Ireland Minor Hurling quarter-finals

Antrim 0-09 Galway 2-18, Breffni Park FT
Dublin 0-19(19) 2-18(24) Waterford, Semple Stadium, 12pm - FT

Live Commentary

5:30pm Seamus Callanan hits over a free and ts all over and Tipperary win 2-23 to Dublin 0-16

5:27pm Tipperary extend their lead to 2-22 to 0-15.

5:26pm Seamus Callanan hits over another free.

5:25pm Just five min to play and Tipperary lead by 11pts.

5:22pm Second goal for Tipperary.

5:17pm Paul Ryan with a free for Dublin.

5:16pm Gearoid Ryan hits over a nice point for Tipp, they lead by 8pts.

5:14pm Eamon Dillon gets a nice point for Dublin.

5:12pm O'Callaghan hits a point for Dublin.

5:11pm John O'Dwyer gets a GOAL for Tipp.

5:10pm Its Tipperary 0-18 Dublin 0-12 (52min)

5:08pm Keaney hits 2 in a row.

5:06pm Paul Ryan penalty is saved, Keaney hits the rebound over.

5:05pm Paul Ryan hits his first free of the match.

5:02pm Calanan hits the third & fourth points of the half.

5:00pm McRabbe with his any easy free wide.

4:58pm Alan McCrabbe hits a free for Dublin, they trail by 7pts.

4:57pm Game is delayed due to injury to Danny Suthcliff.

4:55pm Tipperary get the first point of the second half.

4:38pm Its half time and Tipperary lead 0-15 to Dublin 0-08.

4:38pm Alan McCrabbe hits a much needed point from a free.

4:36pm Ryan hits a point from 65yards.

4:36pm Mcgrath puts Tipperary 7pts up, its double scores.

4:34pm Super point by John O'Dwyer for Tipp.

4:31pm David Tracey point for Dublin followed by a Seamus Callanan free. 

4:22pm Alan McCradde gets a much needed free for Dublin.

4:21pm Shane McGrath puts Tipperary 5pts ahead.

4:20pm Shockng wide by Stephen Hiney for Dublin

4:18pm Seamus Callanan free for Tipp then he hist one from play.

4:16pm Bonnor Maher gets a nice point for Tipp.

4:15pm Ryan O'Dywer gets his first score from the half way line.

4:11pm Seamus Callanan free puts Tipperary 0-05 to 0-03 ahead.

4:10pm James Woodlock puts Tipperary ahead.

4:08pm Its a second pointed free for McCrabbe.

4:06pm Alan McCrabbe gets the first point from a free for Dublin.

4:05pm Another super point by Lar Corbett.

4:04pm John O'Dwyer point from 70yards.

4:03pm Lar Corbett hits over a massive score for Tipp.

4:02pm Danny Suthcliff opens the scoring for Dublin.

4:01pm Game is underway, should be a thriller.

3:36pm Just over 20min to throw for what is hopefully a better match.

Tipperary -4 Evens Dublin +4 10/11 Handicap tie 11/1 - CLICK TO BET

Tipperary 4/11 Dublin 11/4 Draw 10/1 - CLICK TO BET


Dublin team: Alan Nolan; Shane Durkin, Peter Kelly, Niall Corcoran; Stephen Hiney, Liam Rushe, Michael Carton; Joey Boland, Johnny McCaffrey; Ryan O'Dwyer, Alan McCrabbe, Danny Sutcliffe; David O'Callaghan, Conal Keaney, Colm Cronin.

Tipperary team: Darren Gleeson; Paddy Stapleton, Paudie Maher, Michael Cahill; Brendan Maher, James Barry, Cathal Barrett; Kieran Bergin, James Woodlock; GearĂ³id Ryan, Patrick Maher, John O'Dwyer; Noel McGrath, Seamus Callanan, Lar Corbett.

3:28pm Seanie Tobin hits over the free and its all over Limerick 4-26 Wexford 1-11 

3:27pm Matthew O'Hanlon is sent off with a straight red for a foul on Shane Dowling.

3:26pm Into injury time and its 4-25 to 1-11.

3:22pm Tom Ryan makes it 3pts on the day.

3:21pm Its 4-24 to 1-11 with five minutes to play.

3:19pm Shane Tompkins gets a GOAL for Wexford.

3:18pm Eight minutes to play and Limerick lead 4-22 to 0-11

3:17pm Its nearly all over and Galway lead 2-18 to Antrim's 0-09.

3:14pm Its a second by Seanie Tobin.

3:13pm Dowling hits another free, he is on 2-07 for the day.

3:10pm Seanie Tobin gets his first score for Limerick.

3:09pm Galway lead 2-17 to 0-08 against Antrim (58min)

3:02pm Tom Ryan with a nice point, its all Limerick.

3:00pm Declan Hannon with his 3rd point.

2:58pm Conor McDonald with his second point.

2:55pm Declan Hannon hits his 3rd point of the day.

2:53pm Limerick open the second half with a goal, they now lead by 18pts

2:48pm Galway now lead Antrim 1-12 to 0-06 (38min)

2:38pm Half time and Limerick lead 3-15 to 0-08.

2:37pm Shane Dowling gets TWO GOALS in first half injury time. The seocnd was hand passed into goal which should not have counted.

2:35pm Conor McDonald hits a point for Wexford, they trail by 10pts.

2:32pm Galway lead Antrim 1-08 to 0-06 in the minor q/f

2:32pm Jack Guiney takes a free after Paul Morris misses three. He gets two in a row.

2:30pm Declan Hannon gets a second point.

2:29pm Mulcahy puts Limerick 12pts ahead.

2:28pm Jack Guiney is having a nightmare game.

2:27pm David Breen GOAL, they lead 1-13 to 0-05.

2:25pm Shane Dowling makes it six points on the day.

2:25pm Wayne McNaMara puts Limeick 7pts ahead.

2:24pm James Ryan pucks his second long range point.

2:23pm Paul Morris gets a much needed score for Wexford.

2:22pm More wides than scores in the first 22min, very poor hurling between Limerick and Wexford. 

2:19pm O'Keefee hits his second point for Wexford.

2:18pm Declan Hannon puts Liemrick 6ps ahead.

2:17pm Another easy free missed by Paul Morris.

2:15pm Graeme Mulcahy with a nice point from play.

2:14pm Great goal chance for Wexford but Podge Doran hits it wide.

2:13pm Shane Dowling hits his first from play, Limerick by 4pts.

2:12pm Limerick on top at the moment with the breeze, they lead by 3pts thanks to another Shane Dowling free.

2:10pm Paul Browne puts Limerick 2pts ahead.

2:08pm Le Chin sets up Dermot O'Keeffe for a nice point but a Shane Dowling free puts Limerick ahead.

2:07pm Awful wide by Paul Morris from an easy free.

2:06pm Podge Doran gets Wexford level.

2:06pm Jack Guiney responds from play for Wexford.

2:05pm James Ryan hits a super point from distance for Limerick

2:03pm Shane Dowling opens the scoring for Limerick.

2:00pm We are underway in Thurles.

1:37pm You can back Wexford to win by 4-6pts at 13/2 & 7-9pts at 12/1, If its a draw at HT or FT will refund your bet. CLICK HERE TO BET

1:35pm  Donal O'Grady is missing from Limerick team. Huge loss for the shannonsiders

Limerick team: Nickie Quaid; Tom Condon, Richie McCarthy, Seamus Hickey; Paudie O Brien, Wayne McNamara, Gavin O Mahony; James Ryan, Paul Browne; Declan Hannon, Tomas Ryan, Shane Dowling; Graeme Mulcahy, Kevin Downes, David Breen.

Wexford team: Mark Fanning; Liam Ryan, Matthew O'Hanlon, Keith Rossiter; Andrew Shore, Eoin Moore, Ciaran Kenny; David Redmond, Lee Chin; Paul Morris, Podge Doran, Diarmuid O'Keeffe; Jack Guiney, Conor McDonald, Liam Og McGovern.

1:16pm Waterford beat Dublin 2-18 to 0-19.

1:13pm Waterford lead by 5pts with one min to play.

1:09pm Dublin really battling, only trail by 2pts.

1:04pm Just over 15min to play and Waterford lead 2-13(19) to 0-15(15)

12:59pm Shane Ryan gets a second GOAL for Waterford.

12:52pm Couple of quick scores by Waterford leaves its 1-12 to 0-12

12:49pm Sean Briggs gets Dublin level.

12:48pm Bennett with the first score of the second half, Dublin trail by 2pts.

12:44 Second half underway between Dublin and Waterford minors.

12:30pm Bennet with an injury time free leaves it Dublin 0-08 Waterford 1-08 at half time.

12:25pm Three points in a row for Dublin, ts 1-07 to 0-07, McBride and Bennet with scores

12:19pm Patrick Curran free extends the Deise lead.

12:15pm Waterford lead Dublin minors by 5pts, 1-05 to 0-03.

12:11pm Shane Ryan gets a GOAL for Waterford

12;05pm Curran makes it Waterford 0-03 Dublin 0-01

Wednesday 30 July

Munster U21HC final
Clare v Cork, Cusack Park, 7.15pm

Connacht U21HC B quarter-final
Leitrim v Sligo, Markievicz Park, 7.30pm

Saturday 2 August

All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 4B
Meath v Armagh, Croke Park, 5pm
Monaghan v Kildare, Croke Park, 7pm

All-Ireland MFC quarter-final
Donegal v Roscommon, Markievicz Park, 3pm

Sunday 3 August

All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals
Kerry v Galway, Croke Park, 2pm
Mayo v Cork, Croke Park, 4pm

All-Ireland MFC quarter-final
Mayo v Armagh, Croke Park, 12pm


Monday 4 August

All-Ireland MFC quarter-finals
Dublin v Cork, Semple Stadium, 2pm
Kerry v Kildare, Semple Stadium, 3.45pm


Wednesday 6 August

Connacht U21HC B semi-final
Mayo v Leitrim or Sligo, Mayo venue, TBC


Saturday 9 August

All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals
Donegal v Kildare or Meath or Armagh, Croke Park, 4pm
Dublin v Monaghan or Kildare or Armagh, Croke Park, 6pm

All-Ireland JFC semi-finals
Kerry v Sligo, TBC, 12pm
Scotland v Cavan, Granton Road, 6.30pm


Sunday 10 August

All-Ireland SHC semi-final
Kilkenny v quarter-final winner, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Wednesday 13 August

Connacht U21HC B final
Roscommon v Mayo v Leitrim or Sligo, Athleague, TBC


Sunday 17 August

All-Ireland SHC semi-final
Cork v quarter-final winner, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Sunday 24 August

All-Ireland SFC semi-final
Kerry or Galway v Mayo or Cork, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Sunday 31 August

All-Ireland SFC semi-final
Dublin or Round 4B winner v Donegal or Round 4B winner, Croke Park, 3.30pm